How To Screenshoot In Laptop ?

how to screenshoot in laptop
How To Screenshoot In Laptop - For those of you who have often used laptops, taking screenshots for various purposes is actually not new. This feature even exists in the default operating system to a variety of applications available on the market.

But maybe there are some of you who still don't understand about how to do screenshots on your laptop. Or you are looking for this article just to find out other ways to do screenshots on your laptop perhaps. Whatever the purpose, we hope this article will be useful for you

We have summarized a number of ways you can take screenshots on your laptop. We try to summarize how to screenshot laptops for the Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and we specifically summarize some ways to screenshot laptops on the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Screenshot a Laptop in Windows XP

Although we personally think that this operating system is very outdated, which is marked by the cessation of Microsoft providing any services, including updates to this operating system, we feel that there are still people who need information about this.

To do this, you simply press the Print Screen or PrtSc button, which is usually located in the upper right corner of your keyboard. After pressing it you can simply press Ctrl + V in any program that has the ability to paste images such as paint, or even Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Word.

Another way you can do is to take a specific window. The trick is to press Alt + PrtSc simultaneously. After that you can continue with the same process as before.

How to Screenshot a Laptop in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Apart from the two ways above. It turns out that Windows Vista and Windows 7 are provided by Microsoft with other methods you can do to make a screenshot. The trick is to use Snipping tools. This feature can be found on all versions of Windows except the starter and basic editions and of course Windows XP.

To open this feature you can press the Start button, then proceed by selecting All Programs and resuming by selecting Accessories and clicking the Snipping tool.

You can take a specific screenshot area on your monitor screen using this application. The trick is to click new then save after finishing taking a screenshot. Easy right?

How to Screenshot a Laptop on Windows 8

The advantage of this operating system is that Microsoft has provided the ability to save screenshots that you take automatically to a specific folder. To do this, all you have to do is press the Windows and Print Screen buttons simultaneously. Then the results of the screenshot will be saved automatically in the pictures library.

Apart from that of course you can do screenshots using features that previously existed in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, for example snipping tools.

5 ways to Screenshot a Laptop in Windows 10

1. Snipping Tool

To find this feature, you just press start then all programs, click Windows Accessories. Inside you will find snipping tools. To use this application you just click new to start the process.

The basic type of snip that you can use is rectangular snip. You can use your mouse to select the area of the screen you want to capture.

What we think is new here is the availability of free form features, windows, to full-screen snips which means this application is quite complete in terms of taking screenshots.

After taking a screenshot don't forget to save automatically before you exit the application window. You can then directly open the PC photo editing application to edit the screenshot that was taken eabutton

2. PrtSc button

The second way is the way that you may use most often by pressing the PrtSc or PrtScn button which is usually located in the upper right corner. The difference with snipping tools is, in Windows 10 if you use this second method, automatically the pictures that you take will be saved in the screenshots folder in the pictures folder.

3. Windows + PrtSc

The third way is to press the windows button together with PrtSc or PrtScn. By pressing these two buttons you can take a picture of your entire laptop screen and this file will automatically be saved in the screenshots folder.

If you succeed in taking screenshots your laptop screen should be a little dark and will return to normal in an instant. The advantage of this feature is that you can take laptop pictures in a row without having to save them manually.

4. Windows + H

The fourth method that you can try is a new method in Windows 10. To take pictures on your screen for sharing purposes, you can press the Windows key together with the letter H.

By doing this automatically your screen will be captured and then your laptop will automatically open a Windows share toolbar so that you can immediately send the file to your friends through various social media that has been linked before.

5. Alt + PrtSc

The fifth way is a quick way and is a modification of several ways at the beginning, namely by pressing the Alt key together with PrtSc / PrtScn on your keyboard.

By pressing both of these buttons you can take pictures of the active window. The drawback as the second and third ways, you must keep saving this image manually by clicking paste on applications such as image editor.

so, hopefully useful and don't forget to always visit this simple blog to get other latest article updates. Have a nice day
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